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Love Your Guts Mail Gals send love notes without reciprocation to fellow Girls With Guts that need a bit of extra love.

Our Love Your Guts Mail Coordinator will reach out to you when we receive a nomination. The Love Your Guts Mail program is a one time snail &/or email love of encouragement/support.

Do you want to nominate yourself or someone else to receive some words of encouragement from a fellow Girls With Guts? Submit some information below and our Love Your Guts Mail Gals will send some cheer!

*Please note that the address provided will only be shared with our Love Your Guts mailing list.

Lizzie Allen

And on the days when self-love still feels like a pipe dream, I think about all of the other Girls With Guts out there. I look at the stack of encouraging greeting cards from Girls With Guts all over the country who sent me mail while I was in the hospital as part of the “Love Your Guts Mail” program.

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