One Time Donation

You can make a donation here.

Recurring Donation

This is a new option we’re offering to help make giving more accessible! Whether it’s $5, $10, $15, or even $21 dollars a month–just $21 a month will sponsor a girl to attend our Newbie Retreat–you can make an even bigger impact by giving a small amount to GWG each month.

You can set up your monthly recurring donation in two ways:

  1. On our website: Visit this page, enter your monthly donation amount, and select “Make this a Monthly Donation”.
  2. Through Facebook: Click the “Donate” button on the Girls With Guts Facebook page, enter your monthly donation amount, and select “Monthly Donation” as your donation frequency.

*All donations (personal or from a fundraiser) are tax-deductible!

Company Matching

Many employers have programs to match what you give to non-profit organizations! Check with your employer/HR department about gift matching opportunities.

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If your birthday is coming up, you can always “donate your birthday” to GWG via Facebook.

To create a birthday fundraiser on Facebook: When your birthday comes up, click Fundraisers from your Facebook home page and create a fundraiser for GWG.

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