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Being a woman is hard and, unless you’ve lived it, you don’t understand…..
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Facebook Community

We strongly believe in the power of connections! With over 7,000 members, our private Facebook Forum is a safe space for women to connect with other women with IBD and/or ostomy. To ensure the community remains private and safe we ask new members to answer a few questions before joining. Once you complete your join request, an admin will review it.

Benefits of FB community

This private group provides support, encouragement, and knowledge sharing with other Girls With Guts members.

Wondering about how to best deal with IBD-related medication side effects? Have a question about dietary requirements after ostomy surgery? Do you want to meet other women who can relate to having an IBD and/or ostomy? Someone in our Facebook Community has had the same question and experience! Even more, due to the size of the group and diverse locations, there is always someone online to encourage, support, and share knowledge about managing IBD and/or ostomy. Additionally, the forum’s search feature allows you to look back for past posts.

From time to time, we also offer chats and events specifically for members of the forum. For example, we recently hosted a Facebook Community chat about disability. In the past, we have also had breakout sessions in our community and even crafternoon social hours.

Check the Facebook Community out if you’re looking for support, have questions, or just want some company.


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