Ostomy Supplies

There are a variety of ostomy supplies and related terminology that can be confusing for new ostomates. Ultimately, ostomy supply needs differ immensely between individuals and change over time. Trying different products can help to decrease leaks, and increase comfort.

View and Read the Ostomy Supply Fact Sheet

Ostomy Education and Support

There are so many adjustments that new ostomates go through. Luckily in addition to GWG there are a variety of organizations, webpages, and resources that can help individuals cope with the change that their bodies and minds are going through.

View and Read the Ostomy Education and Support Fact Sheet

Clothing and Accessories with an Ostomy

One of the most immediate changes a new ostomate deals with is what to wear now that you have an ostomy. Sometimes you can comfortably wear your old clothes, but some stuff may just not sit as comfortably as it used to. Here are some of our favorites to help you get started!

View and Read the Ostomy Clothing and Accessories Fact Sheet


This fact sheet combines tips about exercise for individuals living with either IBD or an ostomy. In this fact sheet, ostomates can learn about ways to prevent chafing while exercising with an ostomy, hydration needs, supporting an ostomy during physical activity, and more!

View and Read the Exercise Fact Sheet


Nutrition fact sheet coming soon!

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