How did you learn about Girls With Guts?

My friend Tawny, who I met through my colorectal surgeon, actually found the Girls With Guts organization. I came over to her house one day and she surprised me with a present. The present was a Girls With Guts metal bracelet. I still have this bracelet and love it. I quickly signed up for the Rancho Cortez, Texas Retreat. During the retreat I was constantly having life changing moments. By the end of the retreat, I had the support I never knew existed and I made lifelong friends I now call family. I went from an isolated butterfly to now a butterfly that now has no limits on life. Girls With Guts has opened my eyes to see the world in colors.

Why did you decide to volunteer with Girls With Guts?

I have always wanted to volunteer for this wonderful organization. I wanted to make sure my heart, soul, and mind was 100% ready to commit and be there for others the way others have been there for me. I feel that my life is very flexible, and because of this I know this is my time after 8 years to shine as a volunteer.

When you are not volunteering with Girls With Guts what do you do with your time?

I am very grateful to work full time in the Healthcare Field. Caring for people never feels like a job. I truly love what I do for a living. I am absolutely a family person. My mom is the light in my life. My goal in life is to give her the happiness life every mom deserves. My husband and I are big sport fans. We love to do date night at a restaurant watching hockey, baseball, football, and the Olympics. To be one with nature, you will find me at beach and Disneyland. I love reading any medical articles and astronomy. You will find me in the kitchen baking on quiet afternoons.

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