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Hi, my name is Kelly Brynn, and I am a volunteer blogger for Girls With Guts. I was born and raised in Michigan, and after spending seven years off the Gulf Coast of Alabama I am now living in Austin, Texas with my husband Brian and our two little pups Jack and Lucy. I received a temporary loop ileostomy in February of 2019 and then had my colectomy/permanent ileostomy surgery the following September. I have an incredible support system in my family and friends, and I am enjoying every second of my new life.

The ten years leading up to my ostomy surgery were incredibly difficult as I suffered from intestinal paralysis and severe pelvic floor dysfunction. After years of failed procedures, I felt like my body just did not work. I was unable to digest on my own and was only able to have a bowel movement with an enema. I was stuck in the bathroom every other day and was often dealing with pain, nausea, and major bloating. I had to schedule my life around my routine. My husband and I had not taken a real vacation throughout the entire twelve years that we’d been together. After living that way for so many years, my mental health started to deteriorate.

Having my ostomy surgery was never really a difficult decision. After everything that I had been through I felt like it was time to take my life back and I was hopeful for the outcome. My recovery was tough, but every day since has been a blessing. Now I have control. Now I look forward to holidays and traveling, and all the adventures that I had been skipping over the last ten years. I still have my moments; I think everyone does, but I am so much happier than I was before my surgery and I am thankful for my new body every single day.

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Receiving my ostomy and the difficulties leading up to it taught me that I am so much stronger than I ever imagined. I survived years of pain and heartache with my health issues, laughed through countless embarrassing medical procedures, and recovered from too many surgeries to count. I came out with a new body and a whole new attitude towards life. I have gained the confidence to share my story and advocate for the ostomy community, and I’ve learned to love myself in a way that I never knew was possible.

If there is anything that I’ve learned about life through all of this, it’s that sometimes you don’t know how strong you are until you have hit bottom. I spent so many years depressed and feeing like I would never be genuinely happy. Receiving my ostomy at 36 allowed me to not only regain control of my daily routine, it has also allowed me to be excited about my future. I love my ostomy more and more each day because it has become a symbol of strength, and reminds me that it truly is never too late to start over.

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Kelly was born and raised in Michigan and currently lives in Austin, Texas with her husband Brian and their two little pups, Jack and Lucy. She has worked in healthcare for over fifteen years and recently began advocating and sharing her ostomy journey.

Kelly received a temporary loop ileostomy in February of 2019 after over ten years of struggling with severe pelvic floor dysfunction and intestinal paralysis. After seven successful months, she proceeded with her total colectomy.

Kelly came upon Girls With Guts after searching social media for support prior to her first surgery. Finding Girls With Guts has been incredibly helpful in the normalization of her new life and body. Kelly is so excited to have the opportunity to join the team and to share more of her story in hopes to support other women who may be struggling like she was. Kelly loves advocating for ostomy awareness and showing the world that surgery is the beginning of a new chapter and there are no limits to how incredible your life can be.


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