March may be called Women’s History Month, but we also consider it a time to highlight women who are brave, caring, and bold today. That includes the women that make up our care teams. Whether it’s your gastroenterologist (GI), nurse practitioner (NP), or even rheumatologist- we want to give a shoutout to the women that improve your care.

A few weeks ago, we asked members on our Girls With Guts Private Facebook Forum if there was a woman on their care team that they loved.

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And did you give us some great responses! We heard about women in several medical fields from across the country.

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“My doctors nurse, Stephanie Schramm at Emory St. Joseph’s in Atlanta is amazing. She fights for her patients and has been instrumental in getting me disability leave from work multiple times, as well as fast approval on medications. She gets me my tests results right away, communicates the plan and is truly ahead of everything. She is so knowledgeable about IBD and I’m so thankful to have her on my team. Also, my colorectal surgeon Dr. Marion Schertzer in Atlanta. I had a great experience with my resection all thanks to her, and she really listened to me when I felt like no one else was.”

– Kathleen “ Yes I do! Dr. Kimberly Chaput out of St. Luke’s in Bethlehem, PA. She is amazing. She listens and truly cares. I trust her with everything. I couldn’t ask for a better GI doc!????”

– Bre


We even had a few of our girls seeing the same providers. Talk about double the love!


No matter what field, there were common factors among all these providers: they were innovative, involved, and above all else- compassionate.

“My nurse for my regular dr, her name is Vickie and she’s amazing! The why? She listens, truly cares, understands the emotional aspect, her eyes show her emotions letting me know that she relates to so much of the daily chronic pain and the toll it takes on my mental health. On top of all that she’s skilled at her job, efficient, detailed, no fuss attitude, and never forgets or misses anything. When I get another nurse there, the substitute forgets something every single time. I just adore Vickie and feel heard so when I see her and know she’s there I immediately relax knowing I’ll be heard and she’ll take care of it ????Valley View in Tenino and Chehalis WA, both locations”

– Traci

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“My GI Dr. Angela Pham is with the IBD Speciality Clinic at UF Shands Gainesville. She is amazing!! I just started seeing her in December and she has helped me so much. My prior GI was a guy and he was great, but I have to say it’s nice to have a GI who understands female issues, like just how painful periods and pelvic issues are and how much they impact Crohn’s and other GI issues! ???? I also have a female GYN who I absolutely love and have been seeing for 12 years now! Her name is Dr. Sharon Desmarais in Jacksonville, Florida.”

– Ashleigh

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You can still join this conversation in our private Facebook Forum or you can comment below! Do you have a medical provider that is a woman and dramatically improves your care?

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