Top 10 Things You WON’T Hear This Dietitian Say to Someone with IBD

1. “Sure, eat what you want. The food you eat doesn’t affect your gut anyway.”

2. “Eat as much corn as you like.”

3. “You’ve been eating WHAT during your flare?”

4. “Eating at holiday or family events is super easy.”

5. “Everyone with IBD should avoid gluten and all other grains.”

6. “As soon as you feel better you should stop taking your meds.”

7. “Talking about poop in public is socially unacceptable.”

8. “Certain foods are strict No-Nos.”

9. “It’s ok to eat only 5 foods.”

10. “Eat this [fill in the blank], and your IBD will go away.”



Niki Strealy, RDN, LD received her bachelor’s degree in nutrition and food management from Oregon State University and completed a dietetic internship at Vanderbilt University MedicalCenter. She has been a registered dietitian for Providence Health & Services since 1996.
Niki self-published her first book “The Diarrhea Dietitian: Expert Advice, Practical Solutions, and Strategic Nutrition” in May 2013. She also counsels clients through her private practice, Strategic Nutrition, LLC, specializing in gastrointestinal diseases and disorders. She lives near Portland, Oregon with her husband, four kids, and flock of chickens. She enjoys running marathons, soccer, spending time with family and friends, camping, photography, gardening, and public speaking.
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