How did you learn about Girls With Guts?

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (moderate to severe pancolitis) in November 2020. I unfortunately had a doctor who was not well versed in IBD at all. I was given basically a Wikipedia page printout about UC and said I could find more information online. I had no idea what my disease meant. What I should do. WHAT I SHOULD EAT. So I went to social media. I searched ulcerative colitis and followed as many accounts as I could. I came across Girls With Guts and the rest is history!

Why did you decide to volunteer with Girls With Guts?

I was lucky enough to be selected to attend the Newbie retreat in 2022. I knew that weekend I had to be part of this organization. I went from being diagnosed in the very beginning/height of the pandemic and not knowing anyone with my condition to finding a home. I knew when I was diagnosed and had no guidance I wanted to be that for other people. I just didn’t know how. Girls With Guts was the answer. I want to help anyone who feels alone find this group of women. I want to be able to provide comfort when people are in the suck of it all and help bring power and confidence when they reach the other side. I don’t want myself or others to be scared of their disease or be shamed by their disease. I want to get people more connected and Girls With Guts is graciously giving me that opportunity

When you are not volunteering with Girls With Guts what do you do with your time?

When not volunteering it depends on the day! I’m married to my best friend, Joe, and we are proud parents of a mutt named Vincenzo and a tuxedo cat named Mom. I have two crazy and awesome nephews that I’m lucky to spend a lot of time with. I love going on beach vacations with my best friend. I read A LOT. At concerts is where I feel the most free just dancing and singing my butt off – and you’ll find me pretty close to the stage. I get excited like a kid over the small things and really get excited celebrating others victories.



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