How did you hear about Girls With Guts?

After a lot of tests, doctors appointments, symptoms and my first colonoscopies and flare ups, I  finally got diagnosed after a year with Ulcerative Colitis this summer.

Navigating through medication, a lot of pills each with their side effects, steroids and  immunosuppressants I felt like I had no idea what to expect with this new thing in my life and alone in  my diagnosis. Not only that but the roller coaster of emotions and impact on my mental health  already dealing with anxiety before all this, had me overwhelmed. So I did what nearly everyone  does these days and took to social media searching for support groups in the area, hashtags,  looking through tons of scary information and stories… then I found Girls with Guts. Seeing a  positive community of women, information and positive posts made me feel like I wasn’t alone.

I am originally from Spain but I’m half British and married to a US navy sailor and we live overseas  in Spain for the moment althought that might change this year taking us to the US. There are no  support groups where I live so the internet is my only resource.

Why did I decide to volunteer for Girls with Guts?

I’ve always felt like support while you’re dealing with something is essential especially with those  who are or have been in the same situation and understand what you’re going through. Helping  others also helps yourself and to be honest we need supportive and caring people in this world.

I like helping others when I can, it’s who I am. I don’t mean to sound big headed but if I can help  someone with the experiences I’ve been through in my life, I think it’s as simple as that.

When I was feeling really low a couple months ago I saw a post on your social media about  nominating yourself or someone who was going through a hard time to receive support. I thought  it was just going to be a message on Instagram or an email, and for the first time I was like, you  know what I feel pretty sad right now with everything going on and I would really like someone to  just tell me they get it. And they did, I got emails from women telling me I wasn’t alone and giving  me courage. And then I got actual physical cards with supportive words and even stickers. That  was it, I cried with happiness because women who didn’t know me had taken their time and effort  to send me a message, something to hold and tell me it was okay. I want to give that feeling back  to those who need it. You’re not alone.

When you’re not volunteering what do you do with your free time?

Well anxiety and UC have really impacted what I do with my free time. I can’t currently work but  I’m finishing my thesis as a Primary School teacher. I spend time with my husband and my one year old puppy. I started teaching myself to crochet in a flare up and continue to do so, I’m learning to do  embroidery and like to do crafts. I also draw and paint, I used to do illustrations with watercolors and then started using Procreate  on the IPAD. I upload some of my work on social media and sell some of my pieces.



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